Mets close in on grand slam futility

Posted on September 14, 2010 by


“But they have hit merely eight [grand slams] since ’06 and none in the 202 games since Angel Pagan slammed the D-backs at Citi Field on Aug. 1 last year. And they have allowed 15 since Pagan’s, the 15th coming on Labor Day in Washington. One other team in history has allowed as many as 15 without hitting one of its own.

The Mets’ 202 games without is nothing close to a record. Indeed, the Angels were the team that hit none while allowing 15, thereby creating the arcane distinction that the Mets now share. And the Angels’ slam-less streak spanned the equivalent of four seasons, lasting from 1971-75. But the Mets’ 0-15 ratio has a chance to evolve into a singular modern standard for ‘hold the salami.'”



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